Recorded by London Gatch


New stories of wonders
New stories of signs
New visions of break through
Let dreams come to life
New stories of healing
New stories of peace
Oh come Holy Spirit
You’re setting us free

In the presence of our God anything can happen
Let your Spirit fall with the power of heaven
When your kingdom comes anything can happen
So let it happen here

New stories of courage
New stories of faith
We’re ready for break through
We claim it today
New stories of power
Releasing your strength
We’ll walk on the waters
We’ll dance in the flames

Miracles rising
This is revival now
Heaven is coming
Spirit of God break out

We’ll walk on the waters
We will dance in the flames
We’ll praise the name of Jesus
We will never be ashamed
To shout hallelujah
Let your holy fire rain

©2018 BEC Worship
Written by London Gatch, Lance Gatch, and Brandon Lake