Recorded by London Gatch


Only You can make it right again
Only You will make me whole within
No more fear, and no more pain
There’s freedom in Your name, Hallelujah

Only You can hold this heart of mine
Jesus only You will satisfy
In the storm, You are my peace
Forever I will sing, Hallelujah

You are higher than the heavens
There is healing in Your presence
You’re the One that I run to
Jesus only You, Jesus only You

When the mountains shake, You are my strength
By Your mercy, You have covered me
I’m forgiven I am free
You are my everything, Hallelujah

I lift my hands as high as I can raise them
And I will sing as loud as I can sing
So let my praises be my declaration
I worship You, and You alone are King

There on the cross, no other love was greater
and I believe, it’s where You made me new
You are my rock, my hope, and my salvation
Hallelujah, Jesus only You
Hallelujah, Jesus only You

©2018 BEC Worship
Written by London Gatch, Jesse Reeves, and Aaron Robertson

CCLI# 7112025